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From personal triumph to trusted coach

Guiding your journey with proven experience and wisdom

Gabriela Barclay, Holistic Coach

My journey

I am Gabriela, a mother to an amazing 12-year-old boy, and I live in Limerick, Ireland.


Originally from Romania and raised in a communist country with limited self-expression, I have always sought something nameless that would bring acceptance, validation, and a sense of belonging, alleviating my feelings of loneliness.


My journey led me to a career in the gambling industry for over 25 years, which I began during my university years, working at one of Bucharest's largest casinos.

At 22, I ventured to Egypt for work, immersing myself in its customs, language, and culture.


Despite the challenges of being the first woman in a casino management role in an Arab country, my empathy and communication skills fostered positive relationships, empowerment, and problem-solving.


However, after six years in Egypt and six months into my marriage, I found myself trapped in an unhealthy relationship, prompting me to leave with minimal belongings and no financial resources.

Gabriela Barclay, Holistic Coach
Gabriela Barclay, Holistic Coach

After enduring a period of low self-worth, depression, anger, and fear, I found the determination to fight and discovered my inner strength.


Through introspection, I realised that I held the power to transform my life. Engaging in holistic coaching, positive psychology, and personal growth, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing, embracing self-love and prioritising my well-being.


This spiritual awakening led to a more meaningful and fulfilled existence, filled with gratitude for the blessings in my life.

My Approach

I am living proof that life gets beautiful and exciting when you say yes to healing your soul to have a magical life!


Through holistic coaching, I empower women to authentically rediscover themselves, reclaim their power, find their voice, define their purpose and reclaim their energy, time and happiness.  


If you are ready to grow into the truth of who you are, I would be honoured, privileged and excited to have the opportunity to sit with you to go into the wonderland of your life and embark on a transformative journey together, reclaiming your magnificence!

My professional qualifications 

With a background in psychology and a career spanning operations, customer service, and management, my focus has always been on people. From managing casino operations to empowering teams, my passion lies in delivering exceptional service levels, honed through experiences in Bucharest, Cairo, cruise ships, the UK, and Ireland.

Kingstown College

Advanced Diploma in Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching

Kingstown College

Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership &  Executive Coaching

The Physical Intelligence Institute

Physical Intelligence Coach


Holistic Coach Training Institute

Holistic Coach


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